Dorchester Euro Café

Plotting the route to rejoining the European Union
through coffee, cake and conversation


Dorchester Euro Café brings together people who believe that the UK should re-join the European Union

We’re part of cross-party campaign group Dorset for Europe and linked to the European Movement

We think that Brexit has been catastrophic for the UK and for individuals, families and businesses who now face numerous barriers to living, working, doing business and retiring in the EU

Our monthly gatherings are warm, welcoming and social. We provide space to find support, share information, or just have a friendly chat with like-minded people

We also make time to discuss various issues and – for those that want to – plan and deliver campaigning activities

Read about our recent Euro Café event in the Dorset Echo


What’s up? WhatsApp!

We’ve set up a new WhatsApp group where Dorchester Euro Café members can chat, share ideas and information, pass on links to articles etc.

If you would like to join the group, please email your name and phone number to

Happy? Not so much!


Dorchester Euro Café members took to the streets on Saturday 23rd March 2024 – the national Day for Rejoin - to take the temperature on happiness.

We spoke with lots of people at our street stall in South Street, Dorchester to ask people about how they’re feeling on a range of issues, including the state of the NHS, the cost of living and the UK’s place in the world since we left the EU. The answer was, overwhelmingly, that things have got worse.


We took the opportunity to raise awareness and share information on related issues including the need for voter registration and ID, finding out who your local MP is and how they voted, joining the European Movement, fand, of course, coming along to Dorchester Euro Café.

Why not come along and join us?

If you would like to know more, please contact rachel@dorchestereurocafé

Happy 1st Birthday Dorchester Euro Café!


Dorchester Euro Café celebrated its’ first anniversary on 24th February 2024 with our usual ingredients - coffee, (birthday) cake, and conversation.

The Euro Café started as a one-off event in February 2023, but attendance was so good it has continued as a regular, monthly event.

Rachel Lawrence, who organises Dorchester Euro Café in partnership with Dorset for Europe, said: “It’s a year on from our first Dorchester Euro Café and the catastrophic impacts of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on people in Dorset are becoming ever clearer.”

“The barriers to trade and free movement of people created by Brexit, have made life much harder for everyone."

“The post-Brexit border checks finally introduced in January are adding to farmers’ woes with UK exports of beef and pork down by more than 20%. The retail and hospitality sectors are finding it harder to recruit and retain workers, whilst social care providers now have to pay to sponsor much-needed workers from overseas, including people from the EU who would previously have come to the UK under their own steam.”


Next Meeting: April's Euro Cafe

Date: Saturday 27 April 2024

Location: Vivo Lounge, Brewery Square, Dorchester DT1 1QR

Time: 3pm to 5pm

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